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people-led growth

Companies are under pressure. Challenges in today’s global economy, including the availability of energy and other natural resources, are straining consumer demand and purchasing decisions in an increasingly fierce competitive environment.

Even as organizations need to draw on external resources to adapt to this rapidly changing world, their most valuable resource is PEOPLE.

In this new era, the winning players can leverage market pressure into positive and meaningful transformation. Such transformation requires courage and boldness – but organizations willing to commit to these steps will reap considerable competitive advantages.

The Rana Kaplan® Competence Academy guides companies in mobilizing ‘people-led’ growth amid ever-evolving markets and accelerating competitive conditions. The Academy has a proven track record in helping enterprises of every size to develop a durable and agile organizational structure equipped with strong competencies at every level.




Founder, System Coach

Rana Kaplan founded the Rana Kaplan Competence Academy in 2011. Prior to this, she worked for more than twelve years in the banking sector at Yapı ve Kredi Bank and served as a trainer at the Yapı Kredi Banking Academy, where she led projects to establish an internal in-house coaching system and conducted executive coaching. After leaving the banking sector, Kaplan served as a project leader for two years at the International Coaching Federation (ICF); the ICF is among the world’s most prominent professional coaching entities. Kaplan also conducted joint studies with various universities and presented leadership seminars and trainings at the Brussels Parliament of the European Union and in numerous countries in Europe, especially Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2019, Kaplan founded her second company, which is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kaplan actively supports the Women in Sales Network social project, which aims for equal representation of women in the business world. In addition, she serves as a volunteer mentor in the associated Women in Sales Network mentoring program for women managers.

Rana Kaplan takes an active role in leadership, management and system transformation projects at the Competence Academy.



  •  Istanbul University Management and Strategy PhD program.
  • Senior coach trainer.
  • TriMetrix personality inventory application specialist.
  • Creator of the Traveling Coaches platform.
  • She is a member of the education commission of KADER, the Association for Supporting Women Candidates.
  • Member of the ICF Turkey Disciplinary Board.
  • Yeditepe University Occupational Safety and Health master’s degree.
  • Systems Engineering Mentor.
  • Occupational psychology specialist.
  • Human Resources; Instructor of new employee, foreman and executive development programs trainer.
  • Graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University, Public Relations and Publicity.
  • Venture Strategies Consultant.
  • Personality Psychology Specialist.
  • Senior Coach Trainer.
  • Graduated from Gazi University, Developmental Psychology.
  • 16 years of sales management experience.
  • 17 years of corporate trainer.
  • Marketing Consultant.
  • 12 years of management experience.
  • Communications specialist on the phone.
  • Recruitment interview supervisor.


Awards & Honors

  • Rana Kaplan is the author of The Coaching Book, the first comprehensive manual published in the coaching field in  Türkiye.
  • In addition to a two-year tenure in project leadership on the acclaimed International Coaching Federation (ICF) Projects Board, Kaplan has conducted leadership seminars at the EU Parliament in Brussels and across Europe.
  • She has written for the Harvard Business Review TR and conducted joint studies with various universities.
  • As well, she is a multifaceted contributor to the Women in Sales Networks project, which aims to ensure the equal representation of women in the business world, and she provides active support for the Sales Network mentoring program.
  • Kaplan is also the founder of the first training company to receive the Leadership in Sales Awards from the Sales Network in the service category.
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