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Presentation Skills Training and Mentoring Programs


Trainer Training is a full-range vocational training program that provides a multifaceted contribution to the development areas of individuals’ lives and is designed to prepare stage presentation skills from scratch.

The Program’s practical approach:

Improves the communication skills of individuals with a coaching perspective,
Enables them to lead a wide range of topics in professional life,
Develops stage and presentation skills with the perspective of a professional trainer,
Enables individuals to gain the perspective of an trainer,
Increases the awareness of resources in all areas of life and the use of these resources as educational materials,
Develops skills related to transformation,
Professionalizes stage and presentation skills thus enabling participants’ educational achievements to extend into all areas of life,
Teaches participants how to be professional trainers by enabling them to discover through experiencing all the topics,
Allows participants to receive feedback along with stage applications,
Enables participants to learn and internalize the ethical rules of the educational profession.

With the unlimited mentoring support of our Academy, participants move forward towards their vital goals with a brand-new identity at the end of the program: the “Trainer” identity.

Training Titles:

Teaching Profession – Introduction
What It Is – and What It Is Not
Principles of Effective Training
Methods of Training Preparation

Stage Presentation Skills
Posture and Visionary Stage View
Effective Introduction
Effective Closing
Charismatic Motifs
Deploying Body Language
Effective Utilization of Sound
Stage Anchors
Difficult Participant Profiles and Management

The Art of Coaching on Stage and Being a Coach-Like Instructor
Basic Coaching Operations
Adaptation Technique
Language Use
Deep Listening
Emotion Management

Methods of Designing Training
4 Mat
Charismatic Motifs
Adult Training and Learning Psychology
Role Play
Children’s Trainings and Fairy Tale Therapy

Stories and Metaphors in Training
Experiential Design
Designing Educational Games and Activities Aligned with the Content
Questionnaire/Test Design

Application Evaluation
Video shooting / Feedbacked

The Trainer’s Training Program:
7 Days 35 Hours
Application Assignments
Presentation Feedback

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