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Emotional Intelligence Development Programs

ICF CCE Approved Emotional Intelligence Program

Emotional Intelligence provides a basis for an individual to perceive, distinguish and manage emotions in themself and others; and to acquire and implement the social and emotional competencies necessary for business success. The Emotional Intelligence Training Program process is supported by TriMetrix EQ personal reports and internationally valid models and applications.

The in-class training program comprises groups of a maximum of 18 participants. Along with the presentation, the program offers a practical design for all participants to develop questions and answers in which they can explore their Emotional Intelligence competencies and make action decisions aimed at developing Emotional Intelligence in its five dimensions.

Each participant receives a one-on-one, 40-minute mentorship with their own leadership wheels. To make the gains more noticeable and to support and keep participants on track, a half-day group mentoring class is established one month after the training. To maintain support for participants following the training, articles and videos with practical tips and information on Emotional Intelligence competencies are shared monthly for a three-month period.

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