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The Rana Kaplan® Competence Academy guides companies in mobilizing ‘people-led’ growth amid ever-evolving markets and accelerating competitive conditions. The Academy has a proven track record in helping enterprises of every size to develop a durable and agile organizational structure equipped with strong competencies at every level.

“How” you do Is more Important than “what” you do

MCB® Technique brings a unique enterprise development solution that includes the INDIVIDUALTEAM and CULTURE layers for people-led growth.

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Pirelli, HR Director

The program is an important touchstone in terms of creating satisfaction and balance in personal development and change processes and in private life. Each stage of the process and the work of all techniques, primarily on the individual, creates great awareness. They create a series of opportunities to look at things from different angles, to look at oneself from the outside, to be an observer, to understand and to turn the one’s potential into power...

Toyota Tsusho Türkiye, HR Manager

The techniques used during the program are extremely successful and effective awareness-raising techniques. The provision of as much theoretical knowledge as necessary, followed by plenty of practice and certainly supported by group coaching and brainstorming, returned tremendously useful results. Rana is a highly knowledgeable, experienced, successful and professional coach and trainer. With the projects she has realized and with her distinctive educational design – one that I am certain is not available in other educational institutions – she has established a throne in my heart; she is an icon in every sense.

Siemens, Manager

Now I spend energy on solutions rather than problems. Now I walk on an illuminated path in the art of communication, where I move forward every day and every moment. The instructor’s disciplined stance during the lessons, the mastery of the subject, and the learning and time management processes are highly effective in terms of the efficiency of the lessons. Expression techniques and examples help reinforce each topic…

Academy Hospitals, Manager

When the Rana Kaplan Competence Academy engages, “Something changes and everything changes”, I believe that says it all. Thank you, Ms. Kaplan

Mannesman, Quality Manager

The programs feature a well-designed information flow and it is possible for several hours to pass without even noticing. The duration of the programs and their content is more than sufficient; the techniques and their implementation are quite effective. The dominant feeling during the trainings is love, and the desire to learn; mutual trust prevails in communication. The instructor’s proficiency in the subject, confident attitude and fluidity in the transfer of knowledge are impressive. She is successful in applying the techniques, and her speed and skill in asking questions are impressive. An environment where what is learned during the training is easily put into practice...

Brisa, HR Training Specialist

The methods to increase the quality of communication, listen effectively, and understand and develop relations with different perspectives are quite good. The change in the way of approaching problems and becoming able to lead others was outstanding. Far above my expectations… Rana Kaplan is a wonderful trainer and friend, and a leader who has no problem sharing her unlimited support and all her knowledge…

Türk Traktör, HR Director

The training is at a satisfactory level in terms of quality and quantity. Feedback seriously reinforces learning. I think I received suitable training throughout the process. Ms. Rana is a trainer with a truly high level of knowledge and experience. She provides a solid training with the presentation, applications, and level of information delivered. I think the motivational element is the strongest aspect. She has added a great deal of value to me, both personally and professionally. Thank you very much.

Ford, Manager

The training method applied is highly effective Especially the real sessions being conducted by our trainer, practicing with each other in the classroom under the supervision of our trainer and getting feedback, helps us internalize what we have learned and raises our awareness. In addition, the experience and sharing the training with participants during the feedback process contributed to our excitement and motivation. Giving assignments, encouraging practice, and devoting the first lesson hour to share real experiences reinforces the learning process.

Turkcell Global, Training Department Manager

The program, for me, was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. She gave me the opportunity to try it in a practical context with NLP techniques, and also gave me the strength to believe that I could do it. At the same time, in terms of the projects that I want to implement, I would like to thank them very much for their support and presence at every moment – not only during the training days, but also after the training – and for their energy and their belief in us.