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Trimetrix Management Development Programs

TriMetrix Personality Inventory

All companies seek the optimal approach to guaranteeing and securing the talent necessary for success. Employees who fulfil requirements of the business structure with unique skills form the building blocks of a company’s success. But which skills are necessary to enable perfect performance in any given job? Which skills bring the desired success in a business? The answer is reserved only for work, so let “work do the talking” while you listen carefully. The TriMetrix System allows business lines to position activities to be carried out within themselves and assigns the capabilities required by that business for maximum performance. This process can be applied repeatedly to any job at any time in a constantly changing business environment.

First Position/Define the Job

Main responsibilities: The TriMetrix System lists the “main areas of responsibility” for each targeted job. These areas of responsibility are important goals and should be determined with precision for the effectiveness of the work. When these areas are determined, they are used as reference points for the TriMetrix Report base.

TriMetrix Business Report

The TriMetrix Jobs Report is a “job benchmark”. The report provides a template for selecting the specific skills necessary to demonstrate successful performance in the specific job. Based on 37 factor analyses, the TriMetrix Report lists the job requirements across three distinct ability categories: reward/culture; behavioural characteristics; and job characteristics.

Then Evaluate Personal Abilities.

Interviewers agree that the interview process is ultimately minimally effective. What would be most useful is an unbiased assessment that can reveal the VALUES that motivate individuals to do a job, the BEHAVIORS they will exhibit at work, and whether they have the skills and competencies required by the job.

TriMetrix Personal Aptitude Report:

The TriMetrix System Personal Abilities Report is a summary of an individual’s abilities that match the areas identified in the TriMetrix Business Report. Within the framework of the entire selection and development process of the company, this report shows the WHY (values), HOW (behaviour) and WHAT (competencies) that the individual can contribute to the business.

Now, Combine Talent with Work.

The right TALENT combined with the right JOB spells success! The TriMetrix System enables companies to replace the preconceptions and biases inherent in the selection process with real data based on business requirements.
the TriMetrix System has been developed for a large number of business applications, including the following:

* Job Benchmarking
* Talent Selection
* Employee Coaching
* Executive Coaching
* Employee Development
* Performance Evaluation
* Success Planning
* Corporate Development

Start today by reviewing what the TriMetrix System can contribute to the successful implementation of talents within your company and create the basis for your business success!

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